Intercultural Communication and Competence ensure your Company’s Success

Through market globalization people from different cultures are meeting almost every day. Their behaviour is more or less consciously affected by their own culture. A lack of knowledge of the variety of cultural aspects can lead to misunderstandings which could destroy the success they are striving for.

At first glance the geographical proximity of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and even Germany can lead to the assumption that cultural differences in business life cannot be so great. If this misconception is not removed, it can critically affect successfully achieving company aims.

SveTys Uta Schulz has the expertise, together with you, to identify the differences between the Scandinavian cultures and German culture to understand the strengths of the different cultures and to support and develop new initiatives using them.

SveTys Uta Schulz helps your company to act in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany in the respective country culture for the employees and (potential) customers confidently and reliably ensuring that the “new” market becomes “your” market. Your communication is authentic and successful. You can develop a competitive edge.

To train your (international) employees in intercultural competence and intercultural communication SveTys – Uta Schulz offers cross cultural trainings and cross cultural coachings: