Systemic Organization Consulting & Organization Development

SveTys - Uta Schulz cannot solve your problem or master your challenges but helps you to better understand them and to develop solutions.

In organization consulting and organization development SveTys – Uta Schulz takes a systemic approach, on the understanding that organizations and companies are social systems.

Focussing on your staff

This means that change and corporate development can only be carried out successfully when, on the one hand, the system such as e.g. the department, interacting company or group unit and, on the other hand, the people affected are involved in the deliberations. By taking a look ‘backstage’, complex inter-relationships will also become involved. What is ‘nebulous’ will become apparent: Then, with your staff, you are able to develop and implement holistic solutions.

The objective of systemic organization consulting and organization development is therefore to involve your company staff in change and development processes, so that they approach change positively and work constructively on ongoing developments, avoiding (inner) resistance, or reducing it. Systemic consulting offers a whole package of methods so that the developing process can be facilitated well structured, goal and future oriented.

Organization Development and Change Management in International Corporations

SveTys – Uta Schulz coaches and supervises companies and supports your organization development and your internal company change management, especially where international and intercultural cooperation are involved.

When diverse views, attitudes and approaches to solutions from different cultures within an organization can be consciously brought to fruition, then the true potential of international cooperation can be fully exploited.

Through systemic organization development, international and multinational corporations can optimize their business in the German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish markets.

SveTys – Uta Schulz helps to pinpoint the strengths of intercultural cooperation applying it in everyday business. She specializes in cooperation between German and Scandinavian companies, facilitating you and your staff to optimize your high-performance intercultural management.