(Intercultural) Large Group Facilitation

Large group facilitation means to work with “the entire system in the room”. To make those affected into active participants. This is usually a whole department or a large proportion thereof, a project team or a company taking part in a workshop and working together on new ideas and approaches to problem solving.

Aims of (Intercultural) Large Group Facilitation

(Intercultural) large group facilitation can involve 20 to 300 participants and

  • Use and spread the collective expertise of a department, project team, or company. Differing perspectives, specialist areas, experience and culture are all gathered in a very short time and made visible
  • Achieve progress in a short time by working on new and sustainable visions, strategies, and solutions even for complex projects, restructuring and change processes
  • Generally shortens introductory phase for restructuring and change processes
  • Raises acceptance of restructuring and change processes, making those affected into active participants
  • Reduces resistance to change
  • Supports change management measures
  • Can achieve continual improvement
  • Intercultural large group facilitation can integrate national collective knowledge and different cultural approaches to problem-solving in international change procedures and restructuring

Content for (Intercultural) Large Group Facilitation

Content and aims for (Intercultural) Large Group Facilitation are discussed and developed individually with the client and if necessary with co-trainers

Methods for (Intercultural) Large Group Facilitation

Methods used to facilitate large groups (20 – 300) participants vary according to topic, targets and the size of the group. The facilitator accompanies, supports and leads the procedure and in international groups encourages interaction and active use of cultural specific work methods and potential.

Classic methods for facilitating large groups are

  • Open Space
  • World Café and
  • World Conference

The pure forms can be altered or combined to fit the aims. It is also possible to create a completely individual format for the client.

When should (Intercultural) Large Group Facilitation be done?

(Intercultural) large group facilitation by SveTys – Uta Schulz is especially effective when:

  • Extensive change, fast results, continual improvement and/or vision is required
  • Strategies and aims for an (international) organization need to be developed and determined
  • Values and organization culture (also different national cultures) are to be consciously established
  • Ideas should be gathered and a implemented in (international) programmes
  • Those affected should become actively involved in structuring the future
  • The energy, talent and skills of many should be networked and harnessed (exploiting synergy)
  • Self-dependence and learning autonomy should be supported
  • Taking own responsibility “bottom up”


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