SveTys is integrated in a network in the language training and intercultural fields, focussed on other languages and countries, so that international companies can be offered services beyond the Nordic countries and Germany.

For the German-Swedish market SveTys is part of a tightly-meshed network, enhanced by various experts.

SveTys can facilitate contact to German-Swedish tax consultants, lawyers, banks, PR agencies and market research companies as well as to specialist translators and interpreters.

“Skandinavien in Hamburg” – A Network of Scandinavian companies in Hamburg

“Skandinavien in Hamburg” – “Scandinavia in Hamburg” – is a network of Scandinavian companies. At the initiative of SveTys – Uta Schulz Swedish and meanwhile Scandinavian companies have come together in Hamburg to address fans of Scandinavia and Scandinavian Lifestyle. Numerous companies in Hamburg offer everything the Scandinavian enthusiastic heart desires.

How and where you can experience Scandinavia in Hamburg can be found on