Personal Data:

Nationality: German

Date of birth: 1969

Present home: Reinbek near Hamburg in Germany

Consultant / Trainer / Coach since: 2003

Languages: training given in German, Swedish, English, (Danish and Norwegian on request)

Personal Statement

“In Scandinavian/Nordic and German business cultures there lies great potential to complement each other. Harnessing this would improve competitive advantages in domestic and international markets.”

Professional Specialization

Uta Schulz is specialized in systemic organisation consulting and on cooperation between Germany and Denmark, Norway and Sweden, with the accent on Sweden among the Scandinavian countries.

She offers:

  • Systemic Organisation Consulting,
  • Systemic Organisation Development,
  • Systemic Change Management and
  • Systemic Coaching

for German and international companies and organizations.

Moreover, Uta Schulz – SveTys specializes in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany delivering the following individual training courses for each country, as well as Scandinavia as a whole and Nordic i.e. plus Finland.

  • Intercultural Training and one-to-one Coaching
  • Intercultural Consulting (e.g. for mergers, restructuring, market development)
  • Intercultural Teambuilding and project monitoring
  • Preparation for international assignments
  • Intercultural mediation
  • Kick-off workshops e.g. for projects
  • Intercultural sensitization, teambuilding and kick-off workshops e.g. for projects, not country specific
  • (Intercultural ) Large group facilitation

Sample Projects, Training and Consulting

  • Personal development in change processes (not country specific): Development of strengths, resources and visions. Accompaniment and support in the implementation
  • Establishing "communication mechanisms" to improve the Idea Management (not country specific)
  • Strategy and Vision Workshops (not country specific)
  • Intercultural consulting, coaching and training from board of managers and senior management to power station managers during company restructuring in the energy sector
  • Intercultural training to develop appropriate marketing strategies for Scandinavia in a logistics group
  • Intercultural teambuilding to improve process coordination in a trans-national team in the logistics sector
  • Intercultural coaching for company management in a Swedish subsidiary in the media sector
  • Intercultural training courses (approx. 36) to improve cooperation with the parent company in a subsidiary bought by Swedes in processing industries
  • Intercultural training in market penetration for Scandinavian countries or when taking over responsibility for Scandinavian countries (logistics, building materials industry)
  • Preparation for international assignments for Denmark, Norway and Sweden e.g. in the automotive, logistics and processing industries
  • Preparation for international assignments for Germany for Swedish and Finnish expats e.g. in medical technology and the toy industry
  • Intercultural facilitation of large groups supra-company level to improve cooperation when constructing offshore wind parks
  • Intercultural mediation and conflict management between German subsidiaries and Swedish parent companies
  • Large group teambuilding in a trans-national company in the wind energy sector

Professional Experience

  • During studies practical work experience/internship in German-Swedish, German-Scandinavian companies and organizations as well as leading study trips for Globetrotter Reisen in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
  • 1998-1999: freelance translator, interpreter, language teacher
  • 1999-2001: head of production and marketing at ROXX Media Deutschland, publishers of customer magazines (Verlag für Kundenzeitungen GmbH)
  • Since 2003: freelance work as intercultural trainer, consultant and coach under the SveTys Intercultural Management brand
  • Since 2014: Systemic Organization Consultant

The Book: Geschäftskultur Schweden kompakt

  • September 2014: Publication of the compact manual: Geschäftskultur Schweden kompakt [Business Culture in Sweden], language: German, CONBOOK Verlag, ISBN 978-3-943176-65-0

Experience in the following fields

  • Automobile industry and its suppliers
  • Banking
  • Biotechnology
  • Diplomatic service
  • Financial Management
  • Food industry
  • Hotel and catering industry
  • Industrial building and construction industry
  • Industrial building materials trade
  • In-service training
  • Logistics
  • Machine tool industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • NGOs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power industry
  • Processing industry
  • Small traders e.g. plumbers, electricians etc.
  • The media
  • Toy industry
  • Tourism
  • Universities

Target Group Experience

Coaching, training and consultation at all hierarchical levels: Board of managers, managing directors, specialists and senior managers in sales, marketing, product development, engineering, research and development, human resources, office workers etc.

In addition Uta Schulz – SveTys has experience in Workshops with students and young professionals, (consultative) support during international youth exchange programs as well as in training with vocational trainees.

Principles of systemic organization consulting and organization development

SveTys – Uta Schulz’ approach to systemic organization consulting and organization development is based on the following maxims:

  • Transparency in all phases of consulting and development processes
  • Appreciative involvement of staff affected in the search for solutions by gathering their experience and (detailed) know-how
  • Focus on people: their strengths and potential, not on staff weaknesses and deficits
  • Making the ‘invisible’ visible by rethinking any inner resistance
  • Taboos are not taboo: If necessary (and desired), critical topics considered taboo up to the present will be dealt with
  • Think back from the future, to compile sustainable, future-oriented solutions
  • Efficient, goal-oriented approach through a well structured, facilitated process using appropriate methods.

Systemic organization consulting and/or organization development helps you to help yourself.

Intercultural Training Approach

Embedding intercultural perspectives with country specific cultural background to achieve an overall picture, working with business cultures using case studies and best practice examples.


  • 1986-1987: school year at Spånga Gymnasium, Stockholm, natural sciences
  • 1989: Baccalaureate Meiendorf Gramar School,Hamburg
  • 1989-1998: General Business Administration with an emphasis on industry in addition to Scandinavia studies (majored in both)
  • 1996/1997: Studied at Stockholm University

Additional Qualifications

Apart from continual information transfer with colleagues including the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and at SIETAR Germany:

  • 2002-2003: further training as consultant for ebusiness, SBB Hamburg
  • 2003-2006: Training course program on action based lessons in adult education for instructors at VHS Hamburg
  • Autumn 2006: Fremd gedacht – vertraut gemacht, (coming to terms with foreign thinking) Sensitization to cultural dependent differences in communication and action, course for instructors at VHS Hamburg
  • Spring 2007: Intercultural Communication – Methodology course for instructors at VHS Hamburg
  • March 2008: SIETAR Forum 2008, Change processes in international organisations
  • August 2008: "Understanding Conflicts, Cross-Cultural Perspectives, International Research Conference", University of Aarhus, Denmark
  • 2009-2010: Preparation, participation, attending the SIETAR Forum 2010, Diversity of resources? Greatly changing world: understanding, maintaining and shaping diversity
  • Autumn 2010: Innovative work in Swedish personnel management, Human Resources discussion group in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce
  • Autumn 2011: The spirit of the company – Swedish Entrepreneurship, Swedish Chamber of Commerce
  • February 2013 – February 2014: Training as a Systemic Organization Consultant with IOS – Institut für Organisationsentwicklung & Systemische Beratung Prof. Schley & Partner GmbH, Hamburg
  • October 2014: Systemic Visualizing, SIETAR Deutschland e.V.
  • February 2015: Rethinking (Inter)-Culturality?! Fuzzy concepts and their implementation in intercultural training, SIETAR Webinar
  • April 2015: Sucessfully managing international virtual teams – The way to intercultural team culture, SIETAR Nord with ilvy intercultural HR
  • Mai 2015: Situational Leadership: Why you should treat each team member differently, Webinar with Gary Thomas, Assist International HR
  • November 2015: Change Congress 2015. Lost in Change? Effective change strategies in a dynamic world - Future Organization - Future Mindset - Future Customer - Future Culture, Handelsblatt FACHMEDIEN
  • February 2016: SIETAR Forum 2016: Culture - Conflict - Cooperation, Intercultural Challenges SIETAR Germany
  • Since May 2017: Certificate Studies „Business Psychology“ (Betriebspsychologie kompakt), AKAD University
  • February 2018: Certification as Intercultural Trainer at the University of Osnabrück, Institute of Psychology
  • April 2018: Solution Focused Team Coaching. SIETAR Germany e.V. 

Reinbek, January 2019