Intercultural Training Scandinavia / Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia

Both Scandinavia and Germany are as international leaders comparable on the entrepreneurial level as well as the economic level and are extremely successful. Their paths to success do however differ somewhat.

When differences are not recognized in Scandinavian-German relationships they can easily lead to misunderstandings or even blocking from both sides resulting in breakdowns in communication.

Being aware of different situations and a targeted approach to handling them with the different cultures provides a key to new potential and approaches to problem solving, supporting domestic as well as international competitive ability in your company.

Intercultural competence when working together with Scandinavia is your key to success.

Aims of Intercultural Training Scandinavia
Aims of Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia

Learn about Scandinavian culture, the similarities and differences between the Scandinavians, how to recognize and understand what is below the surface. At the same time reflecting on your own thinking and action patterns, observing yourself and gaining from new perspectives.

This facilitates:

  • Seamless cooperation in German-Scandinavian teams
  • Smooth intercultural communication with Scandinavia
  • Seamless, successful intercultural project management
  • The right decisions for the Scandinavian market
  • Successful negotiations with Scandinavians
  • Successful communication with Scandinavian staff, customers and suppliers
  • New approaches to problem solving
  • New thinking and solution strategies
  • Early recognition of conflict and finding solutions
  • Avoiding or reducing culture shock
  • Avoiding bad investments

Target group for Intercultural Training Scandinavia

Intercultural training Scandinavia with SveTys – Uta Schulz is advisable for Germans, experts and managers who work together with the Scandinavians, for expats as preparation for a stay in Scandinavia and to penetrate the Scandinavian market.

An intercultural training course can ideally be held for up to twelve staff.

Target group for Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia

Intercultural one-to-one Coaching Scandinavia is like Intercultural Training Scandinavia aimed at Germans, experts or managers, especially though, managing directors and board members who (will) work together with Scandinavians, or who want to penetrate the Scandinavian market and staff members who go to Scandinavia as expats and need individual preparation for international assignments.

Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia is also principally targeted at individual employees who want to prepare individually and intensively for cooperation with Scandinavia, or who would like support as they work together.

Content for Intercultural Training Scandinavia
Content for Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia

Intercultural Workshop Scandinavia or Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia create awareness for the participants of their own cultural patterns and what effects they have on their own thoughts and action patterns as well as their company culture.

For comparison we will work from a holistic point of view on the cultural background finding out what makes the Scandinavians tick, their world and their concept of mankind, their thought and action patterns. We will realize the similarities, parallels and differences between the Scandinavian countries.

The content will be determined after a needs analysis or personal interviews with the participants or client.

Intercultural Training Scandinavia or Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia can include the following topics:

  • The countries and their people
  • History, economy, society and politics

You will be sensitized to:

  • the different Scandinavian cultures, similarities and differences between the Scandinavian cultures as well as the Scandinavian way of thinking and behaviour patterns
  • Your own cultural footprint, your thought and action patterns
  • Dynamics and processes that can be created when working on intercultural communication and cooperation.

You experience what effect cultural patterns have on:

  • Perception, thought, emotions and behaviour
  • Value judgment
  • (Intercultural) communication (meetings, presentations, feedback, appraisal interviews etc.)
  • Leadership and hierarchy
  • Negotiations
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making
  • Project management
  • Conflict management
  • Organization
  • Marketing
  • Expectations from companies

In behavioural training and communication training you learn:

  • Appropriate behaviour for and with Scandinavian-German teams (leadership, communication, behaviour etc.)
  • To recognize and avoid possible conflict
  • To handle various problem-solving approaches
  • Business etiquette
  • Small talk and taboos
  • Do’s and don’ts, avoiding the classic mistakes

Methods for Intercultural Training Scandinavia
Methods for Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia

Intercultural training or coaching for Scandinavia is created to meet either your, or the customers’, targets. Taking a holistic view you will interactively experience, using diverse methods the various points of view, thought and behaviour patterns leading you to surprising new insights.

There are many interactive methods including:

  • Individual and small-group work
  • Exercises for self-reflection
  • Experience transfer and exchange
  • Short input session
  • Group discussion
  • Best practice and case studies
  • Self-tests
  • Role plays
  • Simulations and
  • Analyzing video sequences

When should Intercultural Training Scandinavia be Recommended?
When should Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia be Recommended?

Intercultural Training Scandinavia or Intercultural Coaching Scandinavia are always a good idea if you want to work long-term and successfully with Scandinavians & Scandinavia.

Especially when:

  • You want to penetrate the Scandinavian market
  • You buy a Scandinavian company or work in close cooperation with one
  • You have a joint project with Scandinavians
  • A German company merges with a Scandinavian one
  • Change processes with Scandinavian staff or German-Scandinavian staff are undertaken and should be sustainable
  • You are sent on international assignment to Scandinavia
  • You work in or with German-Scandinavian teams
  • You have the feeling that communication is not seamless and conflict begins to emerge
  • For partners/spouses and families accompanying those on international assignment in Scandinavia
  • Management staff, who want to optimally utilize the potential of international and German-Scandinavian teams.


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