Success and Inspiration in Intercultural Cooperation

The Scandinavian countries are among the most successful in the whole world and at the same time the happiest people live there! Germany is also at the top of international rankings.

What is exciting about the phenomenon: all of them are successful. But the way to reach success is different in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and Germany.

It is perhaps easy to understand that a good Swedish salesman will not naturally be a good salesman even in the Arab world. But does this also apply to our Scandinavian neighbours? And our big neighbour in the south – Germany?

If you want to cooperate with the other Scandinavian countries and Germany, it is good to understand what is important to consumers, how the market works and how you should best negotiate. It is at least as important to understand the expectations of the media and society or demands of authorities on companies. There are some similarities (and differences) between the Scandinavian countries, but Germany definitely works differently. The same applies to internal communication at companies: decision-making, organization, project management and leadership work differently in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – and even more so in Germany.

Basically, there are only two possibilities in Scandinavian-German cooperation: either you rub each other up the wrong way (and fail in the worst case) or you inspire and complement each other and create synergies in intercultural cooperation.

Uta Schulz – SveTys easily helps with tips and guidance to discover the potential in the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German business culture, to reflect their own way of working and create intercultural synergies.

Your goal, your situation and your environment determine the format: intercultural coaching, intercultural workshop, intercultural team building or impulse lectures – the best and suitable for you.

Impuls und Inspiration with a wide horizon
Impuls und Inspiration with a wide horizon