"The Story" – how it all began

Uta Schulz – SveTys “was infected with the Sweden virus” during a year of student exchange in Stockholm. She read Scandinavian studies at the Universities of Hamburg and Stockholm and worked in the summer as guide in the Nordic countries. This is how she got to know and love all Nordic countries. The other main subject she studied at the university was general business administration with a specialisation on industrial business administration. So she thought she was well prepared for a professional life at German-Scandinavian companies. She thought.

Practice showed that one could misunderstand each other in a very excellent way in German-Swedish and German-Scandinavian companies even though we spoke the same language. And that despite the fact that the Scandinavian colleagues were kind and likeable, despite the fact that we worked at a fantastic company and offered fantastic services!

With a “slightly bleeding nose”, Uta began to think about why expectations, working methods and solutions are so different in Germany and Sweden and started her own company in intercultural leadership.

In the next step, it became clear that it is not enough to work alone with Sweden and Swedish organizations. It is the wholistic view on Scandinavia with similarities, parallels and differences that facilitates intercultural cooperation. Aside from the fact that many companies work in all the Nordic countries and Germany – and not always without friction.

For a long time, Uta has not only worked with German-Scandinavian organizations and companies. She helps individuals and organizations to follow up and achieve their goals – with their international and intercultural experience and with a Scandinavian twinkle in her eye.

SveTys stands for SverigeTyskland (SwedenGermany) and is linked to Uta’s start as an intercultural coach for Sweden and Germany.

Scandinavian inspiration and a sense of Scandinavian humor
Scandinavian inspiration and a sense of Scandinavian humor
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